Full name: Nici
Adoption day: 29 July

Nici is the best junior player on the tour.

At first a Grand-Prix specialist, Nici has improved her tactical play considerably and proved to be a fierce competitor in all areas of the game.

Nici is Sissy‘s and Harry‘s sweet adoptive froggy daughter. She is also the President of the Board.


Current ranking: 3
Highest ranking: 2
Highest score: 107 (10/11/2023)

Best Medal Race result: 2nd place (2022-23)
Highest score: 107 (2022-23)

L1 titles won:
GP Spring Series: (GP): 2023
Summer Championship (3T): 2023
Grand Prix XL (GP-XL): 2023 (non-recurring)


Current ranking: 2
Highest ranking: 1 (total of 90 days)
Highest score: 34 (01/04/2024)

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