World Rankings

The World Ranking includes the results from the last 9 triple-threat tournaments which will usually span 12 months.

Last updated: 25/04/2024


Rankings shall be updated following the conclusion of each triple-threat tournament by deleting the results from tournament “1” and adding the results from the latest tournament.

Total points (TOT) are combined by tournament points (TP) and winner points (WP).

Championship & Masters: 1 WP is scored by the winner of a single counted game.
Grand Prix Series: 1 WP is scored by the player finishing a single counted game with the highest GPP score, bonus GPP included. In case of a tie, each tied player scores 1 WP.

TP are the basic points (BP) multiplied by the respective tournament’s level. BP are scored as follows:

  • 7 BP for 1st place
  • 4 BP for 2nd place with at least 1 WP
  • 2 BP for 2nd place with 0 WP
  • 2 BP for 3rd place

Ties are broken by the following criteria (among the last 9 triple-threat tournaments):

  1. Tournament points (TP)
  2. World Championships won
  3. Number of “Majors” won
  4. Total number of tournaments won
  5. Number of level-2 tournaments won
  6. Accrued Grand Prix Points (GPP) in all GP tournaments
  7. Accrued Grand Prix Points (GPP) in “Majors”