The Board

Tournaments, rules and regulations are organized and sanctioned by the XMädn Board composed of (from left to right):President Nici, Chairman (and spokesman) Harry and CEO Sicily Bambolina a.k.a. Sissy.

The Season

After the inaugural season had been highly experimental, it was determined by the Board that future XMädn Seasons would be structured with 3 sub-seasons of different triple-threat styles of events.

The Majors

The three “Majors” are the most prestigious triple-threat tournaments of the season. They yield the highest numbers of ranking points with the World Championship standing out as the only level-4 event. Plus, they are the only tournaments with trophies at stake.

The Medal

The Medal Race includes the results from all triple-threat tournaments of the present season.

The XLeague

The “XLeague” is designed as a season-long double-threat (2T) “League” competition. The trophy displayed will be presented to the XLeague Champion.

The Records

Here are the most successful players, the longest games and the quickest games in XMädn history.