Full name: Sicily Bambolina
Nicknames: Queen Sissy, Kaiserin (Empress)
Birthday: 29 July

Sissy is the best senior player on the tour.

She appreciates her “yellow/black attack” in Triple-Threats or teams up her yellow pawns with the reds in Grand-Prix events.

Once her husband had taught her the basics of the game, Sissy quickly developed fine instincts as to when to switch between offensive and defensive play.

Sissy is Harry‘s stunningly beautiful wife doll by standards of and Nici‘s caring adoptive mom. She is also the CEO of the Board.

Having won each trophy available, Sissy is the most decorated XMädn player by far.


Current ranking: 1 (since 22/10/2022)
Highest ranking: 1 (total of 596 days as of 09/06/2024)
Highest score: 147 (10/11/2023, 09/06/2024)

Medals won: 2022-23, 2024
Highest score: 147 (2022-23)

Career Triple Crowns: 1
Royal Triple Crown: 2022-23

Majors won:
World Championship (3T/L4): 2022(-23)
GP World Series (GP/L3): 2023, 2024
World Masters (3T-XL/L3): 2023, 2024

L2 “Holiday” titles won:
GP Holiday Series (GP): 2023, 2024
Holiday Masters (3T-XL): 2024

L1 titles won:
GP Spring Series (GP): 2024
Winter Championship (3T): 2023 (non-recurring)


Current ranking: 2
Highest ranking: 1 (total of 94 days)
Highest score: 42 (29/12/2023)

XLeague (2T):
XLeague Champion: 2023
Round-Robins Winner: 2023

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