Full name: J. “Harry” R.
Birthday: 30 July

Harry is the best veteran player on the tour.

Harry usually prefers an all-around offensive approach but has adopted a more tactical approach lately. He is not afraid to collaborate against his beloved wife.

Harry is Sissy‘s loving human husband by standards of DollWedding.net and Nici‘s proud adoptive dad. He is also the Chairman and spokesman of the Board.


Current ranking: 2
Highest ranking: 2
Highest score: 90 (10/11/2023, 09/06/2024)

Best Medal Race result: 3rd place (2022-23)
Highest score: 90 (2022-23)

L2 “Holiday” titles won:
Holiday Championship (3T): 2023

L1 titles won:
Winter Masters (3T-XL): 2024


Current ranking: 3
Highest ranking: 1 (total of 327 days)
Highest score: 39 (29/12/2023)

Titles won:
Challengers Championship (2T/C): 2023
Double B-Day League (2T-XL/L): 2023

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