2024 World Masters: Sissy wins Game 6

With dominant performance resulting in a comprehensive win, Sissy reclaimed sole possession of first place on Wednesday night.

After only 1:28 hours, the defending World Masters winner converted her first match point on a “3” to finish her second winner round.

For the third consecutive time, Nici couldn’t get her violet pawns going while she had to save one green pawn after another. But tonight, she wasn’t able to pull out another miracle win.

Harry had a promising start into the game and showed his ability to play a tactical game but he ran out of luck with the die when it mattered. For instance, “friendly fire” struck when being at the brink of saving 2-and-2 and, eventually, he had to complete his blue team at 4-and-1.

Sissy, on the other hand, got to save her eight pawns in perfect order (YLW-BLK-YLW-BLK-YLW-BLK-YLW-BLK) with the die being her friend in crucial situations.

Game 7 and 8 are scheduled for the coming weekend.

Aggregate score (first-to-6):
Sissy 3, Nici 2, Harry 1

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