Medal Race

The Medal Race includes the results from all triple-threat tournaments and double-threat tournament units of the present annual season.

Last updated: 06/04/2024


At the start of a new season, all points will be reset to “0”. Rankings shall be updated following the conclusion of each tournament or tournament unit by adding the results of the latest tournament or tournament unit.1

Racing points are combined by the triple-threat and double-threat ranking points scored. The rules of the 3T World Rankings and the 2T Rankings apply, respectively.

Ties are broken by the following criteria:

  1. Tournament points (TP)
  2. Winner points (WP)
  3. Triple-threat results in accordance with the rules of the 3T World Rankings
  4. Double-threat results in accordance with the rules of the 2T Rankings

In the unlikely event that, at the end of the annual season, two (or all three) players remain tied for 1st place after step 4, the winner of “The Medal” shall be determined by a single “Medal Game” played under 2T (or 3T) rules, yielding 1 WP counting for the Medal Race only.

  1. Tournament units are pairs of XLeague double round-robins, the XLeague Playoff Series and each concluded double-threat tournament other than the XLeague. ↩︎