The XLeague

The “XLeague” is designed as a season-long double-threat (2T) “League” competition.

The trophy displayed will be presented to the XLeague Champion.

It is the most prestigious double-threat tournaments of the season, by its nature yielding the highest numbers of ranking points among double-threats.

The competition shall consist of a Round Robin Series including 6 double round-robins (6 DRR) followed by a two-round Playoff Series.

Second and third place will play a first-to-3-wins Qualifying Series (QS3) with the winner advancing to face the Round-Robins Winner in the first-to-4-wins Final Series (FS4) to determine the XLeague Champion.

The respective higher seed shall be awarded a one-win head start (1-0) into either playoff round unless both players had the same win-loss record and were separated only by tiebreaking procedures.

Two double round-robins shall be played following each XMädn sub-season. The Playoff Series shall be played in the last week of December.1

Previous XLeague winners are:


  1. The 2023 XLeague was played entirely after conclusion of the 2022-23 XMädn season. ↩︎