Sissy wins 2023 XLeague

Sissy is the winner of the 2023 XLeague after winning the Final Series 4-1 against runner-up Nici.

Sissy and Nici had yet another quick but intense battle on the Mensch-ärgere-dich-nicht board.

With only 25 minutes, it was the quickest playoff at-board and the second-quickest XLeague at-board overall.

Both Nici and Sissy established their go-to colours quite early but did not enjoy very effective blocking from their respective second colours.

Accordingly, the game developed into a close sprint race without much tactical manoeuvring in which Nici seemed to have the edge as she got her fourth yellow pawn in match-point position when Sissy’s fourth red pawn still had a some ground to cover.

But Nici missed two match points and Sissy was lucky enough to convert her first championship point on a “6” to conclude the series and the inaugural season.

Gracious in defeat, it was Nici who insisted on handing the trophy to her Mom.

“I’m not ashamed to come in second,” Nici said after the game. “How could I be?”

“My Mom is the best Mom in the world and the best Mensch-ärgere-dich-nicht player in the world. I enjoyed the XLeague and I’m looking forward to the next edition of it. Maybe I can go one step further.”

“I love winning silverware, so I’m happy right now,” Sissy said while holding the trophy.

“But I’m most proud of my daughter. She is the best daughter I could have asked for. As a player, she has made incredible strides in all departments of the game. I have no doubt that she will lift her first trophy sooner rather than later.”

Although she usually prefers to play with yellow, Sissy chose green and red as allied colours going into the Final Series.

“I did that for tactical reasons,” Sissy said about her surprising move. “Nici and I both had better records with green and red during the Round Robins. But I’m still looking forward have my yellow-black attack back.”

With the addition of the League trophy to all three “Major” trophies and with the “Medal” and her Queen’s Crown waiting to be presented to her at the XMädn New Year’s Banquet, the “Triple Crown Queen” might now be regarded as “Kaiserin” Sissy, Empress of eXtreme-Mensch-ärgere-dich-nicht.

The 2024 XLeague is scheduled to start with its first double round-robin on 20 January. Already on 6 January, the 2024 Season of triple-threat ranking tournaments will kick off with the 2024 Winter Masters (3T-XL).

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