2024 XLeague to start this weekend

The 2024 XLeague season is about to start this coming Saturday with the top half of the first double round-robin (DRR).

The XLeague is the most prestigious double-threat event of the year and will climax in the Playoff Series to be played in the last week of the year.

Originally scheduled to start on Easter weekend with the first two DRR, the first DRR has been predated as a result of the 2024 World Masters ending prematurely.

Defending XLeague champion Sissy, her husband Harry and her froggy daughter Nici will play six double round-robins throughout the year.

While the Round Robin Winner will qualify directly for the first-to-4 Final Series, the other two players will have to play the first-to-3 Qualifying Series to find out the second finalist. The higher seed will take a one-win head start into a playoff round unless the two players have had the same win-loss record.

Last year, Sissy (14-10) won the Round Robin Series with Nici (12-12) and Harry (10-14) finishing second and third. Nici came from behind to win the Qualifying Series against her Dad (3-2) but then lost the Final Series to her Mum (4-1).

The bottom half of the first DRR will be played on Sunday, DRR2 a week later on Easter Saturday and Sunday. DRR3 and DRR4 are scheduled to be played in late June after the end of the “Grand Prix” sub-season, DRR5 and DRR6 in mid-December after the “Championship” sub-season.

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