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Sissy wins 2024 GP World Series – and “The Medal”

Sissy is the winner of the 2024 GP World Series! Also, she has very prematurely clinched “The Medal” as the 2024 Player Of The Year.

After 1:10 hours of play in Game 15 on Sunday, Harry converted his first match point at the end of his third potential winner lap on a double-“6” followed by a “4” for his blue team.

By withholding the 10-pointer from Nici, Harry clinched the title for his wife who won her fifth “Major” title in as many tournaments.

In accordance with the rules, Game 16 has been cancelled after Sissy prematurely securing victory.

To stay in the race for the title, Nici would have needed a double-win and Sissy finishing dead last and next-to-last.
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Sissy wins GP Holiday Series

Sissy scored her third straight tenner in Game 8 of the 2024 GP Holiday Series to clinch her fourth triple-threat title in row.

After 1:25 hours of play, Sissy converted her first match point at the end of her first potential winner lap on a “6” for her fourth red pawn.

The die loved the “Triple Crown Queen” from the start of the game but it also helped that Nici and Harry were standing in each other’s ways.

They knew they had to prevent Sissy from finishing in first place and from scoring the 2 bonus GPP as first player to bring home both colours. But when things started well for Sissy, they didn’t really seem to have a plan.
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Nici is new 2T Rankings’ #1

The XMädn Board have announced to reform the 2T Rankings so that, effective immediately, they are to include the results of the past 12 months rather than the past 24 months.

Originally designed to include the results from the past 6 double-threat tournaments, the 2T Rankings shall now include the results from the past 6 ranking units.

The term “ranking unit” refers to pairs of XLeague double round-robins, the XLeague Playoff Series and each concluded double-threat ranking tournaments other than the XLeague.

As a result, effective retroactively as per 1 April 2024, Nici is the new 2T Rankings’ number one.
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Sissy wins GP Spring Series

Sissy is the first player to win three consecutive triple-threat titles after convincingly winning the fourth and final game of the 2024 GP Spring Series yesterday.

Sissy’s red team had a very strong start and quickly saved their first two pawns. After less than 60 minutes of play, Sissy brought home her third red pawn and subsequently went on numerous potential winner laps.

Nici and Harry had no choice but to join forces against Sissy’s red team knowing that Sissy would clinch the title when finishing any colour in first or second place.

Having to focus on stopping Sissy’s red team over and over again, both Nici and Harry were too busy to save their own pawns.
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2024 XLeague to start this weekend

The 2024 XLeague season is about to start this coming Saturday with the top half of the first double round-robin (DRR).

The XLeague is the most prestigious double-threat event of the year and will climax in the Playoff Series to be played in the last week of the year.

Originally scheduled to start on Easter weekend with the first two DRR, the first DRR has been predated as a result of the 2024 World Masters ending prematurely.

Defending XLeague champion Sissy, her husband Harry and her froggy daughter Nici will play six double round-robins throughout the year.

While the Round Robin Winner will qualify directly for the first-to-4 Final Series, the other two players will have to play the first-to-3 Qualifying Series to find out the second finalist.
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