Sissy wins GP Spring Series

Sissy is the first player to win three consecutive triple-threat titles after convincingly winning the fourth and final game of the 2024 GP Spring Series yesterday.

Sissy’s red team had a very strong start and quickly saved their first two pawns. After less than 60 minutes of play, Sissy brought home her third red pawn and subsequently went on numerous potential winner laps.

Nici and Harry had no choice but to join forces against Sissy’s red team knowing that Sissy would clinch the title when finishing any colour in first or second place.

Having to focus on stopping Sissy’s red team over and over again, both Nici and Harry were too busy to save their own pawns. After 1:21 hours, Sissy finally got in match-point position and converted her first championship point on a “4”.

After Nici’s black squad had finished in second and Harry’s violet team in third place, Harry’s only chance to tie his daughter for second place overall would have been to score the 2 bonus GPP in fourth place and hope that Nici’s second colour would finish in last place.

But when Sissy finished her yellow unit in fourth place, thus winning the bonus GPP for the fourth time in as many games, Harry’s hopes to leave last place shattered.

Final score (4 games):
Sissy 51, Nici 32, Harry 29

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