Harry wins first title in 2024

Harry is the winner of the 2024 Winter Masters and the first leader of the 2024 Medal Race after winning Game 3 on Saturday afternoon.

“Triple Crown Queen” Sissy remains winless in 2024 but is certain to remain #1 on the 3T World Rankings for at least five more weeks.

For Sissy, Game 3 was a must-win as Nici and Harry had shared the first two games last week and were only one win away from winning the first-to-2-wins tournament.

It was not a perfect game by far for either player. Harry and Sissy were forced to bring home their respective first colours completely before having brought home the second pawn of their second colours. Nici brought home two of her violet pawns but never got her green team going.

However, as Nici had shown in Game 1, it is possible to deviate from the ideal strategy of bringing home pawns in an alternating sequence and still pull out the win.

At the end of the game, Harry had both his third and fourth blue pawns right in front of their home and Sissy had to pass them with her fourth black pawn while Nici never really came close with her green and violet pawns.

Sissy still got her fourth black pawn around the track and even had a match point. But after 1:53 hours, Harry converted his second championship point on a “2” for blue.

For Harry, it is only the second triple-threat title of his career and he remains in third position on the 3T World Rankings for now.

After losing the points from the 2022 World Championship, Sissy’s lead on the 3T World Ranking has been cut from 47 to 29 points. Even if she remains winless at the upcoming 2024 Holiday Masters, she will still take the lead into the first “Major” of the season, the 2024 World Masters.

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