Season 2024 to kickoff on Saturday

The 2024 Season is about to kickoff on Saturday with the first of up to four games of the 2024 Winter Masters.

It will also be the start to the first ever “Masters” sub-season which will culminate in the first “Major” of the year, the 2024 World Masters.

Such tournaments follow 3T-XL rules which means that a single game is won by the first player to bring home both allied colours, lining up side-by-side.

The Winter Masters will be a level-1 ranking tournament played at a first-to-2-wins distance. Accordingly, the tournament could end up a one-weekend event if a player wins both games scheduled for this weekend.

As “Triple Crown Queen” Sissy won the only previous “Masters” tournament, the 2023 World Masters, quite comfortably, she will be considered favourite to start victoriously into her “Medal” defense.

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