Sissy wins GP Holiday Series

Sissy scored her third straight tenner in Game 8 of the 2024 GP Holiday Series to clinch her fourth triple-threat title in row.

After 1:25 hours of play, Sissy converted her first match point at the end of her first potential winner lap on a “6” for her fourth red pawn.

The die loved the “Triple Crown Queen” from the start of the game but it also helped that Nici and Harry were standing in each other’s ways.

They knew they had to prevent Sissy from finishing in first place and from scoring the 2 bonus GPP as first player to bring home both colours. But when things started well for Sissy, they didn’t really seem to have a plan.

After Sissy had finished her red team in first place, Harry started to endorse his wife’s second colour, knowing that his daughter would need the 6-pointer to stand any chance of moving up to second place for the tournament.

When Sissy saved her fourth yellow pawn in second place for her third double-win of the tournament, she clinched second place overall for her husband.

Final score (8 games):
Sissy 89, Harry 70, Nici 65

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