Sissy wins 2024 GP World Series

Sissy is the winner of the 2024 GP World Series!

After 1:10 hours of play in Game 15 on Sunday, Harry converted his first match point at the end of his third potential winner lap on a double-“6” followed by a “4” for his blue team.

By withholding the 10-pointer from Nici, Harry clinched the title for his wife who won her fifth “Major” title in as many tournaments.

In accordance with the rules, Game 16 has been cancelled after Sissy prematurely securing victory.

To stay in the race for the title, Nici would have needed a double-win and Sissy finishing dead last and next-to-last. Nici has not won a triple-threat title since last year’s Summer Championship.

As Harry also finished his violet team in third place for the 4-pointer plus the 2 bonus GPP, he surpassed his froggy daughter and finished the tournament as overall runner-up.

Harry also climbed to number two of the World Rankings. Nici and Harry are tied at 90 points but Harry wins the tie-breaker on tournament points. Sissy stays on top of the Rankings and has tied her own record ranking score of 147 points.

Furthermore, Sissy is mathematically guaranteed to stay on top of the World Rankings going into the World Championship. She will prematurely clinch the “Medal” if she wins the Summer Championship. Even if she fails to do so, it is highly unlikely that she will be caught in the Medal Race.

In order to surpass Sissy in the Medal Race, Harry will need to finish the Summer Championship ahead of Sissy and then win both the Holiday Championship and the World Championship and hope for Sissy to not win too many single games throughout the remainder of the season.

Nici will need to win all of the three Championship tournaments and hope for Sissy to remain winless in the Summer Championship and then win not more than one single game throughout the remainder of the season.

Before the triple-threat season continues with the Championship sub-season in August, two months of double-threat action await, starting with the third double round-robin of the XLeague next weekend.

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