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Nici is new 2T Rankings’ #1

The XMädn Board have announced to reform the 2T Rankings so that, effective immediately, they are to include the results of the past 12 months rather than the past 24 months.

Originally designed to include the results from the past 6 double-threat tournaments, the 2T Rankings shall now include the results from the past 6 tournament units.

The term “tournament unit” refers to pairs of XLeague double round-robins, the XLeague Playoff Series and each concluded double-threat ranking tournaments other than the XLeague.

As a result, effective retroactively as per 1 April 2024, Nici is the new 2T Rankings’ number one.
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XMädn upgrades double-threats

In a move to upgrade double-threat tournaments, XMädn has introduced the 2T Rankings to exist alongside the 3T World Rankings.

Furthermore, the results from all double-threats, including the XLeague, will be included in the Medal Race.

“Due to the great success of the XLeague, we have decided that double-threat tournaments deserve more recognition,” XMädn Chairman and Board spokesman Harry said.

Backdating to January of last year, previous double-threat events – including the 2023 Challengers Championship, 2023 Double B-Day League and 2023 XLeague – have been retroactively declared ranking tournaments.
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Sissy crowned Queen at New Year’s Banquet

eXtreme Mensch-ärgere-dich-nicht (XMädn) celebrated the end of 2023 and their inaugural 2022-23 Season at their Annual New Year’s Banquet on New Year’s Eve.

Highlight of the event was Sissy’s coronation as “Triple Crown Queen” for winning all three “Majors” of the season.

Since she also won the XLeague three days earlier, she has been unofficially referred to as “Kaiserin Sissy” in reference to Empress “Sisi” of Austria.

After being presented the “Medal” as “Player Of The Year” for winning this season’s Medal Race, Sissy received her “Queen’s Crown”.
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Board announces changes for 2024

Ahead of their Annual New Year’s Banquet, the XMädn Board has announced substantial changes for the upcoming 2024 Season.

“The inaugural season was highly experimental,” XMädn Chairman and Board spokesman Harry said. “That’s why the schedule lacked structure and the season spanned almost one-and-a-half years. This must and will change.”

Starting in 2024, annual seasons shall consist of three sub-seasons which will be “Masters” followed by “Grand Prix Series” and finally “Championship”. Each will culminate in a “Major” with a trophy at stake.
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