World Masters to start this weekend

The 2024 World Masters is scheduled to start this weekend with Game 1 on Saturday and Game 2 on Sunday.

While Sissy will be trying to defend the trophy she lifted only last November, Nici and Harry are both eying their first “Major” titles.

Due to restructuring and starting this season, the World Masters shall be the first “Major” of future seasons.

The World Masters will be played under 3T-XL rules and at a distance of “first-to-6 wins”. The tournament will mark the climax of the Masters sub-season.

The winner will score a total of 27 ranking points (3×7 tournament points plus 6 winner points) for the World Rankings and the Medal Race.

While Sissy is mathematically save to keep the top spot on the World Rankings, first place in the Medal Race will be up for grabs for the winner of the World Masters.

Last year, Sissy won the 2023 World Masters by a comprehensive score of 7-3-2 against runner-up Nici and Harry.

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