XMädn upgrades double-threats

In a move to upgrade double-threat tournaments, XMädn has introduced the 2T Rankings to exist alongside the 3T World Rankings.

Furthermore, the results from all double-threats, including the XLeague, will be included in the Medal Race.

“Due to the great success of the XLeague, we have decided that double-threat tournaments deserve more recognition,” XMädn Chairman and Board spokesman Harry said.

Backdating to January of last year, previous double-threat events – including the 2023 Challengers Championship, 2023 Double B-Day League and 2023 XLeague – have been retroactively declared ranking tournaments.

Accordingly, as winner of the first two, Harry is considered the first ever #1 of the Double-Threat Rankings who reigned 327 days until being displaced by Sissy thanks to her stellar XLeague performance. By this, she became the first player to lead both the 3T World Rankings and the 2T Rankings at the same time and at the end of a season.

Tournaments of the Masters and GP Series sub-seasons have been re-scheduled so that the first two double round-robins of the 2024 XLeague will be played at the Easter Weekend in late March. The third and fourth double-round robins will be played in late June after the GP World Series.

July will then be the month of double-threat action with the 2024 Challengers Championship (2T/C; first-to-6 wins) followed by the 2024 Double B-Day League (2T-XL/L; DRR+FG) on the birthdays and adoption days of the XMädn players.

Following the World Championship to conclude the Championship sub-season, the fifth and sixth double round-robins of the XLeague will be played in mid-December followed by the Playoff Series in the final week of the year.

In the future, the Double-Threat Ranking shall include the results of the last six double-threat tournaments which will usually span 24 months.

As the respective finishing places of the three players remained untouched, the results of the 2022-23 Medal Race have been officially corrected with regard to the inclusion of double-threats.

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