Nici is new 2T Rankings’ #1

The XMädn Board have announced to reform the 2T Rankings so that, effective immediately, they are to include the results of the past 12 months rather than the past 24 months.

Originally designed to include the results from the past 6 double-threat tournaments, the 2T Rankings shall now include the results from the past 6 ranking units.

The term “ranking unit” refers to pairs of XLeague double round-robins, the XLeague Playoff Series and each concluded double-threat ranking tournaments other than the XLeague.

As a result, effective retroactively as per 1 April 2024, Nici is the new 2T Rankings’ number one.

In accordance with above change, the results of the 2023 Challengers Championship have been scratched from and those of the first two double round-robins of the 2024 XLeague added to the 2T Rankings.

Prior to the reform, Sissy had a 10-point advantage over Nici. As Nici lost the fewest points from the 2023 Challengers Championship by far and also won 7 of her first 8 XLeague at-boards this year while Sissy started with eight losses, Nici leapfrogged both her parents to climb from the bottom to the top of the 2T Rankings.

While Sissy had to surrender her 2T top spot, she still leads the Medal Race as above changes cut her lead by only 7 points to 16 ahead of her daughter in second place.

With the changes, the Board aims to have the 2T Rankings updated six times a year rather than only three times. Also, with previously only projected changes becoming effective immediately, both the 2T Rankings and the Medal Race will be way more transparent.

Harry became the inaugural 2T Rankings’ number one after winning the 2023 Challengers Championship. Sissy took over the top spot after winning the 2023 XLeague, thus becoming the first player to simultaneously lead both the World Rankings and the 2T Rankings.

Interestingly, Nici is yet to win her first double-threat title. As the new number one, Nici has a 5-point lead over her Mom who is only 1 point ahead of her husband in third place.

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