Sissy crowned Queen at New Year’s Banquet

eXtreme Mensch-ärgere-dich-nicht (XMädn) celebrated the end of 2023 and their inaugural 2022-23 Season at their Annual New Year’s Banquet on New Year’s Eve.

Highlight of the event was Sissy’s coronation as “Triple Crown Queen” for winning all three “Majors” of the season.

Since she also won the XLeague three days earlier, she has been unofficially referred to as “Kaiserin Sissy” in reference to Empress “Sisi” of Austria.

After being presented the “Medal” as “Player Of The Year” for winning this season’s Medal Race, Sissy received her “Queen’s Crown”.

While Sissy may wear the “Medal” throughout the the upcoming 2024 Season, she will have the right to wear her “Queen’s Crown” for the remainder of her XMädn career.

“It’s a nice thing for sure. I must admit I love my crown,” Sissy said. “Still, wearing it during a game might distract my focus. So, you better not expect to see me wearing it a lot.”

Ahead of the Banquet, the XMädn Board announced changes for the upcoming season, including significant changes to the distribution of Grand Prix Points (GPP) during GP tournaments such as the “GP World Series”.

In order to get a feel for those changes, Sissy, Nici and Harry played an Exhibition Game under GP rules during the Banquet. Nici dominated the game and finished her black and green allies in first and second place which would have earned her a maximum 18 GPP. Harry (third and sixth) and Sissy (fourth and fifth) would have scored 5 GPP each.

The 2024 Season will kickoff next Saturday with Game 1 of the 2024 Winter Masters, a level-1 tournament in preparation for the 2024 World Masters, the first “Major” of the season.

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