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Sissy wins GP Spring Series

Sissy is the first player to win three consecutive triple-threat titles after convincingly winning the fourth and final game of the 2024 GP Spring Series yesterday.

Sissy’s red team had a very strong start and quickly saved their first two pawns. After less than 60 minutes of play, Sissy brought home her third red pawn and subsequently went on numerous potential winner laps.

Nici and Harry had no choice but to join forces against Sissy’s red team knowing that Sissy would clinch the title when finishing any colour in first or second place.

Having to focus on stopping Sissy’s red team over and over again, both Nici and Harry were too busy to save their own pawns.
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Sissy wins Holiday Masters

“Queen” Sissy is the winner of the 2024 Holiday Masters after winning back-to-back games on Friday and Saturday.

A day after regaining her confidence by pulling even with her daughter, Nici, Sissy produced a convincing display and clinched the first level-2 title of the year.

By the 90-minute interval, Sissy had already brought three yellow and three black pawns home in a tactically perfect sequence.

Trailing his wife and daughter by 1-2-2, it was a must-win for Harry and, certainly as a result of this aggregate score after five games, Nici and Sissy went softer on him than on each other.
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Harry wins first title in 2024

Harry is the winner of the 2024 Winter Masters and the first leader of the 2024 Medal Race after winning Game 3 on Saturday afternoon.

“Triple Crown Queen” Sissy remains winless in 2024 but is certain to remain #1 on the 3T World Rankings for at least five more weeks.

For Sissy, Game 3 was a must-win as Nici and Harry had shared the first two games last week and were only one win away from winning the first-to-2-wins tournament.

It was not a perfect game by far for either player. Harry and Sissy were forced to bring home their respective first colours completely before having brought home the second pawn of their second colours.
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Season 2024 to kickoff on Saturday

The 2024 Season is about to kickoff on Saturday with the first of up to four games of the 2024 Winter Masters.

It will also be the start to the first ever “Masters” sub-season which will culminate in the first “Major” of the year, the 2024 World Masters.

Such tournaments follow 3T-XL rules which means that a single game is won by the first player to bring home both allied colours, lining up side-by-side.

The Winter Masters will be a level-1 ranking tournament played at a first-to-2-wins distance. Accordingly, the tournament could end up a one-weekend event if a player wins both games scheduled for this weekend.
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