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2024 XLeague to start this weekend

The 2024 XLeague season is about to start this coming Saturday with the top half of the first double round-robin (DRR).

The XLeague is the most prestigious double-threat event of the year and will climax in the Playoff Series to be played in the last week of the year.

Originally scheduled to start on Easter weekend with the first two DRR, the first DRR has been predated as a result of the 2024 World Masters ending prematurely.

Defending XLeague champion Sissy, her husband Harry and her froggy daughter Nici will play six double round-robins throughout the year.

While the Round Robin Winner will qualify directly for the first-to-4 Final Series, the other two players will have to play the first-to-3 Qualifying Series to find out the second finalist.
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Sissy wins 2023 XLeague

Sissy is the winner of the 2023 XLeague after winning the Final Series 4-1 against runner-up Nici.

Sissy and Nici had yet another quick but intense battle on the Mensch-ärgere-dich-nicht board.

With only 25 minutes, it was the quickest playoff at-board and the second-quickest XLeague at-board overall.

Both Nici and Sissy established their go-to colours quite early but did not enjoy very effective blocking from their respective second colours.

Accordingly, the game developed into a close sprint race without much tactical manoeuvring in which Nici seemed to have the edge as she got her fourth yellow pawn in match-point position when Sissy’s fourth red pawn still had a some ground to cover.
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Nici reaches Final Series

What a difference a momentum swing makes…

After winning Game 4 earlier today to tie the Qualifying Series and snap a 6-game losing streak, Nici won the decider against Harry to win the series 3-2 and reach the Final Series of the 2023 XLeague.

In the Final Series, Nici will be facing her Mom, “Queen” Sissy, who will go into the first-to-4-wins series with a 1-0 head start.

Nici dominated the board from start to end. She established red as her go-to colour early enough, had great green blockers and also, mostly, the die on her side.

Her Dad, meanwhile, had problems getting his pawns around the track or keeping them on the track and hardly ever posed a serious threat to his daughter’s allied colours.
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Sissy wins Round Robin Series

Sissy is the Round-Robins Winner of the 2023 XLeague after landing victories against Harry and Nici on Saturday.

“Triple Crown Queen” Sissy (14-10) will have a chance to add to her trophy cabinet as she will enter the first-to-4 Final Series with a 1-0 head start.

Even though Nici (12-12) will go into the first-to-3 Qualifying Series with a 1-0 head start, the momentum should be on her Dad’s side.

While Nici, who had a one-game lead going into the final DRR, lost all of her four at-boards of the weekend, Harry (10-14) won 3-of-4, thus snapping a 2-10 stretch from the previous three DRRs.
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