GP Holiday Series: Nici on the roll

Nici is the player of the moment. A day after being declared the new number one of the 2T Rankings, Nici secured back-to-back wins in the 2024 GP Holiday Series.

She had a terrific start into Game 2 as she quickly saved her first two black pawns while her opponents’ houses were still empty.

As she had to fight off attempts from her parents to join forces against her, Nici needed 1:44 hours of play to claim the 10-pointer.

The battle for second place and the 2 bonus GPP turned out particularly fierce. After 2:53 hours, Sissy finally saved her fourth yellow pawn after she had missed out on numerous previous occasions for both her red and her yellow teams to clinch second place.

11 minutes later, Sissy claimed the bonus GPP in fourth place after her husband, Harry, had finished his blue team in third place.

With a little luck, Nici ended the game when finishing her green team in fifth place, thus making sure she would extend her overall lead against both of her opponents.

After 2 of 8 games:
Nici 28, Sissy 15, Harry 13

Game 3 is scheduled for Sunday.

XMädn upgrades double-threats

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Harry wins first title in 2024

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